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MONOLOGUE: Fall 2011 College Life Newsletter

With great pleasure I present to you the newest issue of my college life newsletters, Monologue. I’ve written these newsletters in the past, but time quickly got away from me … Continue reading

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New Post and Blog Changes!

I finally updated one of my blogs, but it’s not this one, and is instead my “Portfolio” blog, which you can find here. In other news, I’m working on combining … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Internet

If there is anything particularly worthwhile that I’ve learned from the Internet, it’s that this web-world we encounter on a day-to-day basis is opinionated. I am a member of Facebook, … Continue reading

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An honest account of life by Rebecca Maizel (and some writing advice, for good measure!)

I was catching up on one of my favorite new authors, Rebecca Maizel, when I noticed a post she wrote a few months ago regarding dialogue and her account one … Continue reading

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“Inspirations” Page

Just a heads up — I’m working on a new page titled Inspirations, which can be found here. I warn you that it’s not completely finished, but what I have … Continue reading

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New Page: Interests

Hey there! Under my BIO page tab, there is another new page: Interests. Just a list of some favorite things of mine. Many of the things listed inspire me to … Continue reading

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The Best Therapy

I believe the best therapy is writing. Especially for writers. I know, that seems obvious. But hear me out for a moment. The most recent form of therapy I’ve had … Continue reading

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New Page: “Book Reviews”

Can be found under it’s parent page, “Writing.”   All reviews will appear as posts, like this one you’re reading. However, the page is dedicated to compiling all future review … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Subscribe

A few people have told me that they check my blog occasionally to see if I’ve updated anything. However, there is a solution to this. On the sidebar right next … Continue reading

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New Page! “Currently Reading”

Thought I’d include yet another page on this site.   It’s dedicated to what I’m currently reading, and can be found underneath the parent page, Bio.

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Updated “Bio” page

In a fit of boredom and urge to write (but not write important stuff, such as a book or short story or prize-winning essay), I decided to update my BIO … Continue reading

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There comes a time in every writer’s life when s/he must start again. What I’m talking about is when a writer begins a new novel. And sometimes starting over is … Continue reading

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Some things I’ve learned…

While away at college, I’ve learned a lot. Not just in school, but also about myself. I’ve seen my views change drastically from one subject to another. Some stuff I … Continue reading

April 20, 2011 · 3 Comments

Fear vs. Phobia

I just don’t understand these things sometimes. I hate spiders. Okay, I can deal with the little ones that sometimes fall on your arm as they crawl across the ceiling. … Continue reading

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The New Urge

While reading up on some advice from a young adult author, Jackson Pearce, she wrote an article about her best writing purchases. From her travel laptop to her writing office, … Continue reading

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Using a Wacom tablet…or any tablet, for that matter

I am by no means well-versed in using a graphics tablet for digital artwork. However, I know the basics and each day that I use one I get better at … Continue reading

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New Page: Links

Hey there! Just wanted to tell you all that I have now set up a Links page. It contains resources for writers, artists, digital painters, etc. Check it out and … Continue reading

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The Woods Pages

Hello! It’s been a while since I actually updated the site with anything other than posts, so I am happy to inform you of my newest book series, The Woods. … Continue reading

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Mystic Beach

I have been working on some new Photoshop techniques, and this new photo includes my newfound appreciation for all things “magical.” I really enjoy working with the tools of fractals … Continue reading

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Infinite Days

I ended up creating a video of who I would want cast in a movie based on Rebecca Maizel’s Infinite Days. The link below is my Youtube account, with the … Continue reading

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